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Not many people know this, but “ragging” refers to popular Spanish game of “Bull-Fight”, wherein the Bull is shown a red ‘rag’ which is used to infuriate the fighting bull.

College Ragging

College Ragging

When I entered my advertising college for the first time, in the summer of 2007, ragging was already a frowned upon entity, yet still not quite extinguished as a detail in a fresher’s pre-settling in encyclopedia. So it was with caution that we the freshers trod the college lands for the first time, keeping an uneasy eye out for the seniors, some of whom were less than intelligent, and drunk with power.

On the first day, while we were still yet to get familiar with those of our own class, and were standing about like a confused herd of stray sheep in the grounds, a delighted bunch of shark-like seniors sniffed… Read the rest

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Amul’s Advertising Campaign – Simple, Creative & Always Funny

Amul – Utterly Butterly Delicious

Utterly dishy or the story of a girl who won’t grow up!

Let us start with telling you something you didn’t know about Amul – the Amul advertising campaign which is India’s longest running ad campaign at present is going to make a bid in the Guinness Book of World Records for being one of the longest running ad campaigns in the whole world (Only the American ‘Smokey Bear’ campaign is older). The Amul ads have almost become a part of folklore in the Advertising and Communications industry nowadays and when we checked out its inception we found out this amazing nugget.

Can you believe that the chubby-faced angelic polka-dotted Amul moppet was brainstormed to counter the Paulson doll, a glam desi girl with all the works, long before the reality show was in? Paulson, the… Read the rest

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A Tale Of Two Kitties-The New CAT scoring format

CAT 2010 , A Better Common Apptitude Test from IIM

CAT 2010- Better this time?

In 2009, CAT, for the first time, decided to do away with the good old paper and pencil and instead embraced an online format. Another victory for technology? Not so much.

What with systems whimsically rejecting passwords, computers spontaneously shutting down, and students gaping in pure horror watching their dreams of  getting into the top mba colleges go bye bye. CAT 2009 was, to put it plainly, a flagrant embarrassment-for both the Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs), as well as Prometric, the globally acclaimed testing vendor commissioned by them for conducting the test.  They would’ve been quick to dive behind the “technological mess” excuse, but it’s not as if the question paper was entirely error-free either.

Prometric Logo

Prometric, No Disaster this time

Poor Sumitra Roy, Prometric India’s Managing Director, could be seen scuttling hither… Read the rest

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What’s In a Name? Some Cool Teacher Nick Names

So you’re new in your Advertising College, just beginning to get familiar with the campus, you’ve made a preliminary decision on your group of friends, and evaluated the goodies in the college canteen. Now what?

MBA Faculty

If only the Professor knew his nickname!

The first of the conversations that buzz excitedly among the new uns mostly involve faculty-gossip. Whether it’s a tête-à-tête with a senior, or a pleasant bonding with a potential buddy, you’re very likely either being warned about the ‘disciplinarians’ (“If you’re more than fifteen minutes late, stay out. She turns into Godzilla, and starts trampling on everything in sight”), being amused by tales of the bizarre ones (“Try counting how many times he says ‘particularly’ in a one-hour class. We did once, and it was one-eighty times”), or, and this is extremely rare, being encouraged to take it easy… Read the rest

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