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The ‘Social Network’ is up and coming

Guys, you just have to see this! Both the poster and the teaser for the Facebook story, ‘The Social Network’ is up on the net and the movie itself is slated to hit the screens somewhere around October.

The Social Network

If you are going ‘aww, what’s the big deal?’ I will bear with it, because I too have said the same thing if I had not noticed the tagline of the poster which made me watch the teaser carefully. The poster says, ‘You don’t get to 500 million friends without making a few enemies’ and I was just zapped!

Pals, to be honest I had forgotten all about Mark Zuckerberg, and how he had launched Facebook from his Harvard dorm room in 2004 and proceeded to become one of the youngest billionaire in the world. It’s a great… Read the rest

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