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Is Vogue Fleeting?

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Vogue is all over place in today’s world. Vogue or Fashion generates from the need of time; from generation to generation and years to years and day to day fashion keeps changing. The trend in use becomes fad for people and so the new innovations in fashion become the latest trend. Hence, only one trend can never remain consistent, it may repeat but always changes.

Today’s fashion has been given so much of hype that even if one wears anything imprudent or fatuous, that is given the name of fashion. Now, take the case of saris in late fashion. Designers are getting innovative to take sari global. Today sari has become a fashion garment and has turned glamorous. The sari is creating waves abroad with its traditionally urbane look and glamour quotient. Sari are coming with different cuts some are… Read the rest

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The Axis Bank Latest Ad – Good or Bad?

Axis Bank

Image Credit – Axis Bank

Its prime time and you are watching your favorite TV shows, soaps, scripted reality shows (in case you didn’t know), non funny laughter challenges, music hunts and the general circus that we call TV. And then when you are least expecting it, an ad pops up and of course kills all the continuity.  Let’s face it; most of us don’t like advertising, especially when they are lame, boring and totally devoid of any creativity whatsoever. Take a look at the latest Axis bank TV ad for example (airs on the KBC show ad break).  This shows a couple where the husband is suffering from a bad stomach and so he can’t go to the bank. (This is a disaster of gigantic proportions according to the wife). The bank comes in as the savior coming right to the couple’s doorstep… Read the rest

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