Amul’s Advertising Campaign – Simple, Creative & Always Funny

Amul - Utterly Butterly Delicious

Utterly dishy or the story of a girl who won’t grow up!

Let us start with telling you something you didn’t know about Amul – the Amul advertising campaign which is India’s longest running ad campaign at present is going to make a bid in the Guinness Book of World Records for being one of the longest running ad campaigns in the whole world (Only the American ‘Smokey Bear’ campaign is older). The Amul ads have almost become a part of folklore in the Advertising and Communications industry nowadays and when we checked out its inception we found out this amazing nugget.

Can you believe that the chubby-faced angelic polka-dotted Amul moppet was brainstormed to counter the Paulson doll, a glam desi girl with all the works, long before the reality show was in? Paulson, the competitor of Amul had relied on the old-as-hills strategy of having an image in itsy-bitsy clothing and when Sylvester daCunha got hold of the Amul account in 1966, he along with the art director Eustace Fernandez hit bull’s eye by figuring out the mascot of a girl who will have all the fun by not growing up!

Initially, the ads chugged on the strength of their base line and witty puns but later they went on to become more topical. Now, if we look back at the archives of Amul ads, we would see history unfurl before our eyes.

See the early ones:

Amul ad

This is what one would call “ keeping it straight and simple!”

Another one from the days when things were beginning!

And then the ads became more topical. The ones on Gavaskar look dated but you still can enjoy the fun :

Ha, Ha!

Those guys must have had a rocking time while creating ‘moments’ like these!

And now, as we all know, it has become more than an ad if that’s possible and also become a social critique that entertains as well as educates.

Be it the controversy on Tata Nano, Himesh Reshammiya’s stardom, the IPL fracas or the comedy Lage Raho Munnabhai – the ads are always laugh out loud funny. See for yourself-

That's nano flattery

Is there any better way to sum up the controversy?

Himesh Reshamiya and Amul - Feeling the nasal effect?

Himesh Reshamiya and Amul - Feeling the nasal effect?

Munnabhai or is it "Maska Bhai"?

Laugh out loud!

Even Cricket is not spared by Amul's cheeky humor

Mark the change. This reflects the present ‘professional’ spirit to the hilt and if the charm and pace of the ‘genteleman’s game’ is missing, then it is because we have moved on. And Amul ads are so clued in with each of these perceptional shifts that you feel like you are living history if you rewind!

Dhoni in Amul's radar

Guess, Bollywood will alaways be relevant in India. This is a take on the title-track of super duper oldie called ‘Amar Akbar Anthony’ and the track goes like ‘ Anhonee ko honee kar de, honee ko anhonee/ Ek jaigah jab jamah ho tinoh – Amar Akbar Anthon’. Is this why they call old is gold because we can use them again and again J ?

Shreesanth - Center of controversy

Even ‘ fakeiplplayer’ must be laughing his guts out! We don’t need to be in-your-face to make our points!

And not to mention its contemporary nature. See this one on the World Cup that ended a couple of weeks ago, and you would understand.

Guys, wat do u say?


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