The ‘Social Network’ is up and coming

Guys, you just have to see this! Both the poster and the teaser for the Facebook story, ‘The Social Network’ is up on the net and the movie itself is slated to hit the screens somewhere around October.

The Social Network

If you are going ‘aww, what’s the big deal?’ I will bear with it, because I too have said the same thing if I had not noticed the tagline of the poster which made me watch the teaser carefully. The poster says, ‘You don’t get to 500 million friends without making a few enemies’ and I was just zapped!

Pals, to be honest I had forgotten all about Mark Zuckerberg, and how he had launched Facebook from his Harvard dorm room in 2004 and proceeded to become one of the youngest billionaire in the world. It’s a great success story but dudes after all it’s not ours! But this was different.

The tagline is one super piece of copy writing that I have seen in recent times. It hits hard and together with the film title it makes you realize with a pleasing shock what it is talking about. Yep, I did not realize that it was about ‘Facebook’ instantly but the line had me hook, line, and sinker and when I read the movie title, I got it.

This is what I wanted to share with you all; I feel that kinetic moment when any line sinks in and you go crazy for an instant celebrating the identification is what good writing is all about. And I am talking about copy ‘cause we are all here for advertising, otherwise I would extend the thought to writing itself! What do you think?

My curiosity made me watch the trailer and it began with an unnerving sense of familiarity. Later I found out the reason to be the juxtaposition of Radiohead’s soundtrack ‘Creep’ with close up shots of (now, too familiar) the features of Facebook. And the home-video like slides smoothly merged with shots in the university. I think I am going to watch this movie when it comes out.

There guys, I just did it! This is what any great ad does, raise one’s curiosity to such an extent that one comes to a decision; here is wishing that all of us are able to do really gut-wrenching works and influence the target audience as efficiently as the tagline did just now!:-)

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