Is Vogue Fleeting?

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Vogue is all over place in today’s world. Vogue or Fashion generates from the need of time; from generation to generation and years to years and day to day fashion keeps changing. The trend in use becomes fad for people and so the new innovations in fashion become the latest trend. Hence, only one trend can never remain consistent, it may repeat but always changes.

Today’s fashion has been given so much of hype that even if one wears anything imprudent or fatuous, that is given the name of fashion. Now, take the case of saris in late fashion. Designers are getting innovative to take sari global. Today sari has become a fashion garment and has turned glamorous. The sari is creating waves abroad with its traditionally urbane look and glamour quotient. Sari are coming with different cuts some are pre-stitched like dresses, some have specially designed ‘pallus’ while some are worn over pants. Along with some Indian Traditions the sari too has gone global. FORGET DRAPPING, JUST ZIP IT UP.

With time everything is being modified and stylized. Besides dresses, shoes, hair style, make-up, designing of houses, hotels, the architecture, jewelry & so on has become modernized. Moreover, the innovative pillows, water cigars, hard drinks are being the new specialties at luxury hotels mainly. Well, now a days figure does not matter, rather size does not matter, but what matters is style. Now people stay stylish & trendy even with widening waist.

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The Indian Film industry has given a great contribution to fashion. The fashion trends coming off the ramp for all different seasons gives vogue a fillip. New trends have changed many things. Before, we had jeans or trousers fitting around our waist, whereas now we have low waist fittings. Before we had only one kind of skirts, now we have micro, minis, long skirts. We  have various kinds of shoes, hair cuts, bracelets, ornaments, purses, bags even pens, well the list is never ending.

India is a country with different religions & states and so have different traditions accordingly. Sometimes fashion does become a cliché but still remains grueling. However, the designers bring up creativity & innovation simply to create another style and modification in VOGUE. Ultimately this can be said that VOGUE or FASHION IS SOMETHING WHICH REMAINS FLEETING. There is only one thing which is constant in fashion i.e. CHANGE

Contributed By: Sneha Gururani

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