Real Marriage now just a Reality show

The Indian Marriage

The Indian Marriage - Tamasha or Not? (Image Credit -

It is definitely risible but it is certainly true, real life marriages are now just a matter of reel life marriages.  Marriage involves so many emotions, sentiments, heart & soul of people and especially in India there is no such big event than a marriage. Be it a love or arranged marriage, it is the biggest occasion of anyone’s life. It is considered to be a pure relation between two people, a bond which is unbreakable, and an important part of Indian culture. From bride to groom, bride’s parents to groom’s parents, relatives everyone has their own sentiments attached to a marriage and so many hopes in their eyes. However, this has become a past tense, presently marriage is nothing but a business for most of the people in India, especially for our TV & film stars.

Rakhi Ka Swayamvar

Rakhi's Reel and Real Life Wedding - (Image Credit

Today marriage is simply a publicity stunt for the stars. It’s one of the best ways they can get media attention & also make money.  I hope you have not forgotten the drama created by the television serial called ‘Rakhi Ka Swyamvar’. Well, from there started the trend of Swyamvar once again after ages. Although Rakhi actually created a history to restart with the concept, yet ultimately it was so damn fake. The whole ‘tamasha’ took over a whooping TRP for the channel & pretty good amount of money to the so called contenders in that serial. Yes of-course no-one can forget the lead actress Rakhi Sawant, definitely getting huge publicity with handsome amount of money for sure.  Then came Rahul Mahajan, who followed the footsteps of ‘The Rakhi Sawant’ & got married for the second time through Swyamvar , to a girl of 19yrs old. Ahh!!! But, the drama doesn’t stop here Big Boss grabbed all the possible opportunities to gain TRP in season 4. The marriage of two TV stars created so much hype & made the serial as well as the respective stars so popular. It was ridiculous to watch the whole tamasha in Big Boss house & watching Sara Khan flirting with Ashmit Patel, her so called Pops (papa) at the same time.

Marriages have become mere a game, TRP stunt & just a publicity stunt for TV & Film stars especially. So when you get married just see that it’s real marriage not reel marriage & don’t humiliate our own culture.

Written By- Sneha Gururani (PGDACM – 2010)

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